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What is an LMS?

Learning management systems (LMS) are used by organizations of all sizes and across all sectors in support of organizational development. But what is an LMS and how could using an LMS benefit you?

Posted 6 September 2022

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Delivering and Managing Learning

An LMS is software for delivering and managing learning within an organization. Your LMS will help you keep all of your eLearning content in one place; make it available to learners, and monitor its usage. Your learning and development (L&D) managers can also produce regular reports on how many people have undergone training, which courses they’ve taken, the results of any assessments they took, and so on, with many of these records needed to demonstrate organizational compliance.

Streamlining Processes

Here are 5 ways an LMS’s will support your L&D efforts and add value to your organization:

  • Planning – helping you analyze what learning is being successful
  • Blending – managing all forms of learning delivery
  • Control – giving your managers the control they need over which learning materials are being delivered, to whom and at what time
  • Assessing – your LMS can also assess the value of the learning each individual has received
  • Reporting – to determine the value of learning to the organization

eNetLearn learning management System (LMS)

If you’re considering implementing an LMS within your organisation, eNetLearn could be a good fit for you. eNetLearn was recently reviewed by independent specialist, Learning Light, who described it as a ‘very affordable, accessible and flexible learning platform’ and liked that eNetLearn can be set up quickly.

It’s a mobile-first solution, providing a powerful digital learning solution that helps you reach your learners wherever they are, whenever they need it. And, like all eCom digital learning platforms, eNetLearn can be used independently or integrated seamlessly with other systems.