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Why use VR for learning and assessment

VR learning and assessment are bringing outstanding benefits in supporting practical training for medical and health, construction, mechanical maintenance, working at heights, and security personnel when used for hazard identification.


Posted 14 April 2022

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Where are VR assessments most successful?

VR assessments can be used successfully for any training where mastery for the following situations is required:

  • A non-negotiable outcome, when failure to master and apply learning could have disastrous consequences, including loss of life.
  • A highly expensive and complex situation or process to reproduce, where all candidates get a consistent experience.

VR learning and assessment is one of the most effective solutions for the Modern Workforce Learning (MWL) methodologies for ensuring that learning takes place. It is based on a performance improvement process, where VR assessment promotes confidence and allows learners to demonstrate their abilities.

How can VR help identify areas of improvement

VR helps:

  • Encourage reflection so learners know what they did well and how they can improve; and
  • Stimulate understanding and fills in knowledge gaps.

The VR learning and assessment process can support the learner to mastery prior to attempting the real-life situation, it can support filling in any gaps in their knowledge by setting up objectives that learners need to meet.

How can eNetReality help?

VR assessments built using eNetReality can include API statements which are linked to a Learning Record Store (LRS), providing comprehensive reporting on achievements to managers who can offer feedback to learners on adjusting behaviours accordingly.

eNetReality’s built in LRS tells you whether your learning and assessments are working, so you can be confident in the knowledge your employees or students are safe working in highly complex environments.

VR assessment is a better predictor of performance than measuring knowledge by objective testing.

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