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Analytics is the True Strength of Learning and Assessment in VR

Trainers and educators of all sizes need to review their teaching strategies for COVID recovery and VR analytics will play a vital role in this. When teaching and training at a distance, learner information becomes critical.

Posted 7 October 2020

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The value of data

Creating a secure process for practical based learning and assessment has become a hot topic in a pandemic world. eNetReality, created by our sister company, can help training and academic providers and aid their recovery. One key element of the recovery for all enterprises, no matter their size, will be the use of data.

The rapid and unexpected shift to remote learning and working during the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that companies have been able to utilise their existing online infrastructure and use 3rd party conferencing tools to manage. Many decision-makers are saying their post-COVID-19 recovery strategy is going to be influenced by these changes.

The main challenges

The main challenges have been getting the right training data, as most of the data coming from their existing systems was fine when they had the capability of including F2F practical session outcomes. Now more than half of organisations say they recognise the value of their training data more than before the pandemic.

Why you need data

Having the visibility to understand the current training, compliance and competency status for everyone in the business is essential, especially as crises and unplanned events occur - where extra training is needed, gaps exist due to lack of availability and new records need to be kept. Lots of organisations are having to resort to spreadsheets and emails to record details, with all the issues of inaccuracies, double typing, and time-consuming admin. eNetReality comes with a Learning Record Store that allows you to collect training data in a way that can be used to demonstrate both compliance and competency.

How to get good data

We have made eNetReality using Open standards, SCORM and xAPI to provide flexibility, agility, and resiliency to respond to your data needs. This enables you to take advantage of the opportunity to create immersive experiences, to support your organisation’s digital transformation. Linking eNetReality output with your LMS, or utilising our cloud-based learning management system, eNetLearn - a sister product of eNetReality, brings all the data into one place.

Businesses have always gathered information from a range of sources, internally and externally. Post COVID-19, the need for further datasets will expand. eNetReality includes a number of delivery options, so no matter what your current learning technology is, you will be able to utilise the product.

How we secure your data

eNetReality is a global solution and the Administrator panel allows you to decide where you want to store your data. eNetReality is a true cloud application within Microsoft Azure Content Development Network with an enterprise structure that is GDPR approved and CyberEssential Plus accredited. We understand how critical security of data has become and we have taken steps to ensure your confidence is met.

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