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eAssessment Platform Supports Booking and Delivery of Assessments in the Oil and Gas Industry

Setting the Scene

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is the only independent body focused on oil and gas well training and accreditation. As a governing body for the oil and gas industry IWCF manages the oil and gas assessment process and certification of a large number of candidates worldwide through their global network of training centers. Assessments are presented in 17 languages and include both knowledge and practical elements.

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IWCF eAssessment on Mobile Device

The Challenge

eCom worked with IWCF to understand their challenges and the requirements of their accredited centers and candidates. Through this process it became clear that moving from paper-based exams to an online assessment management system could deliver significant benefits to IWCF. The major challenge was to bring all the manual tasks and individual systems used in the assessment process into one corporate application. The solution had to allow invigilators to monitor student progress, automatically mark online tests, record practical assessments, manage and verify certificates, and provide a process to deal with question authoring and the multiple translation versions. The over-arching objective was to make the training and assessment process more accessible, responsive and user-friendly for IWCF staff, candidates, training providers, invigilators and assessors.

The Solution

eCom’s assessment management platform eNetAssess™ has been used to develop the bespoke FORUM system. FORUM provides IWCF administrators, centers, assessors, and invigilators with a single platform for reviewing candidate details. IWCF’s accredited centers choose the delivery of the IWCF oil and gas assessments either online or on paper in eCom’s secure environment.

FORUM enables: Candidates to register, update their details, locate a center and participate in assessments; Center Administrators to schedule assessments, view results, sign off results, and check certificate validity; Invigilators to invigilate assessments and perform check marking where required; Assessors to monitor practical records and submit results; IWCF staff to view statistics on system users documents, and certificates; and external users to check the validity of a certificate.

FORUM also has the capability to issue eCerts (electronic certification) to candidates. Powered by eNetBadges, this helps IWCF and their assessment centres avoid the logistical challenges of a paper-based system and significantly reduces the waiting time for candidates. eCom also developed a mobile app for candidates to simplify the process of proving their qualifications.

IWCF eAssessment on Mobile Device
IWCF Mobile App

The Benefits

FORUM has enabled IWCF to easily access candidate information and
monitor the skills of thousands of personnel across the oil and gas sector through eLearning. The built-in reports help administrators to pinpoint information quickly. The comprehensive Business Intelligence object reporting allows IWCF to generate adhoc reports for graphical real-time displays and board reports.

Moving from traditional paper assessment to a bespoke digital portal has modernised IWCF’s assessment process, making procedures more efficient. Using secure online testing has brought significant benefits in assessment integrity, and speed to results. FORUM has greatly improved the interaction between IWCF, its training centers, assessors and candidates.

To help centers with internet connectivity issues to offer the same eAssessment experience, eCom developed FORUM HUB. This pioneering solution means that those centres can use a pre-programmed Raspberry Pi device to download and upload assessments from a secure online link, for use at their centers. Assessments are then automatically marked, with results issued to candidates once the scripts are uploaded back into the centre FORUM database. This ground breaking solution was the winner in the innovation category at the eAssessment Association’s 2019 annual awards.

As a result of providing eCerts instead of paper certificates, candidates now receive instant awards which can be displayed on their social media profiles. The mobile app also makes it straightforward for candidates to demonstrate the qualifications they hold.

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