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Remote Invigilation - The Next Stage in Your Online Journey

eCom has implemented an AI remote invigilation solution, often called eProctoring, into our Assessment and Learning Management (LMS) solutions. Online learning and assessment (EdTech as it is now called) is definitely a journey, not a destination. Things are ever changing and new technology is being invented all the time to solve all sorts of challenges your organisation has. One of the new areas is the use of Artificial Intelligence in learning solutions.

Posted 26 May 2020

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The value of an AI solution

Although online solutions have been around for many years, organisations have not been able to realise their value until now. At the moment, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the road to recovery may have multiple periods of social distancing, a variable return to work, with flexible shift times and restricted places. These challenges are something that EdTech has risen to meet.

These solutions need to be easy to use, on-demand, supported, flexible and scalable. As with all eCom’s eNet applications, our focus is on making solutions with your needs in mind. We are trusted by our many clients to provide high quality services, with 99% repeat business year on year. eCom has implemented an AI (Artificial Intelligence) remote invigilation and proctoring tool, rather than using a live human. The AI is better at monitoring multiple sessions, less subjective, allows us to automate the process and is also cheaper to deploy - all of which is line with our focus on delivering what you, our customer, wants.

How does it work?

Your learners need to be on-line with a computer that has an internal or external web camera.

  • Authentication

We provide a booking system to allow the learners to arrange their own exam bookings online. Once an exam is scheduled, learners are invited to do a system check. At this time the learner logs in and the AI checks the camera has a clear view, is positioned correctly and gives the user indications regarding what is allowed or not. The system checks the hardware is working and takes three sample photos which will be used to benchmark identity checks during the actual examination. Learners needing extra assistance can contact their exam administrator.

  • Automatic Monitoring

Once the invigilation session starts, the learner logs in, is authenticated and has their image checked with the picture taken at the pre-invigilated stage. The environment is monitored for motion differences along with any information required at that time. If the environment and the face is recognised the session goes ahead.

  • Recording of video

The AI takes a snapshot of the learners webcam during randomised intervals to check for identification and ensure no suspicious activity – such as multiple people, or webcam coverings. If the AI detects suspicious behaviour, it starts video recording and is then flagged to a human for verification.  If no suspicious behaviour is detected the exam will be marked automatically.

Why would you use it?

Due to the current restrictions, an increasing number of your assessments will need to be done outwith a test centre environment and you will need to manage your invigilation costs. With your workforce dispersed and working from home, it is imperative you have an easy cloud system to operate the administration, which also brings service benefits to your learner, employees and candidates. Remote AI invigilation can be used to enhance your current invigilation practices, especially where there are small number of candidates in remote locations.

Our assessment system, eNetAssess, is flexible and allows for reliable, robust results, with assessment booking, scheduling, test delivery, marking and verification.

Why use AI monitoring?

The human version requires the whole session to be videotaped, from  start to finish. This recording then needs to be sent to an invigilator who will later review the video to approve the behaviour and allow the session to go for marking so the result can be calculated, slowing down the whole process. Whereas the AI remote invigilation solution is available 24/7, anywhere in the world and is quick, efficient and easy to deploy.

The number of organisations who want to use an LMS to monitor candidates during assignments and submission of reports is growing. Most people are comfortable with online banking, video conferencing and can undertake a secure web enabled video session. It is the new normal for many workers.

Some organisations voice concerns about privacy, ability to cheat and the type of technologies deployed. All our data is stored in the EU and GDPR applies. Your learners are given all the facts and agree to the terms of how we store their data and we only keep any video recordings for 30 days before they are purged (deleted).

Ease of use

AI monitoring is objective and can identify any attempts to cheat.

At set-up you can specify the types of activity you will allow or not. There are no system downloads required and a normal webcam on a laptop or computer is sufficient. Online exam proctoring offers convenience for students too, with the only requirement being a good Internet connection.