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Mencap Digital Learning LMS

Setting the Scene

Mencap is a UK charity for people with a learning disability as well as their families and carers too. Their vision is for an inclusive world where those with learning disabilities are valued equally and listened to. To make this a reality, Mencap team up with a network of over 400 local groups to reach people across England, Northern Ireland and Wales.


Using eNetLearn has enabled Mencap to provide training to over 13,000 users completing more than 254,000 courses. Digital learning has been a huge success.

The Challenge

Mencap’s Learning and Development team identified two key challenges within the organisation.

The first was around the induction process. This included a series of welcome days, during which, various presentations were delivered to help new employees learn about the organisation. Feedback indicated that whilst these presentations were useful and interesting, there was too much content to absorb. This was something Mencap wanted to address, so they could welcome all new employees without overloading them.

There was also a need to make other types of training, including career and personal development courses, available to everyone across their organisation. Mencap’s second challenge was how to deliver this consistently, in a cost-effective way.

Common to both of these challenges was the requirement to report on course completion rates, for internal records and to demonstrate compliance.

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