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Customer intimacy is key to eCom Learning Solutions’ success

eCom Learning Solutions – Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment specialist - has nailed its colors firmly to the mast of promoting customer intimacy as it prioritizes growth in these challenging economic times.

Posted 17 October 2022

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Customer intimacy is one of three ways in which companies can out-perform their competitors - the other two being operational excellence and product leadership. Business analysts agree that, to succeed, a company must become champions in one of these disciplines while meeting industry standards in the other two.

“eCom’s commitment to being a customer-centric business means us putting client needs, values and loyalty above everything else,” explained Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director. “Modern customers see value in terms of the convenience of the purchase, the quality of aftersales service, dependability and so on, as well as in terms of the traditional combination of quality and price.

“So, eCom’s special focus is on combining detailed customer knowledge with operational flexibility to enable us to respond quickly to almost any need - from customizing a product to fulfilling special requests,” she added, “and we’re finding that this builds trust and impressive customer loyalty.

“We believe customer intimacy involves being accessible, kind, courteous, responsive and professional,” explained Wendy, who went on to outline eCom’s top five characteristics of a customer intimacy specialist:

  1. Informed and timely responses to the client’s customer support needs
  2. Access to experts aligned with the needs of client stakeholder groups
  3. Face-to-face, direct support when needed or wanted
  4. Engagement with real people who know - and are involved in – the client’s projects
  5. Service levels aligned with the client’s needs and expectations

eCom seeks to understand specific customer needs so it can deliver the most appropriate overall solution for the customer. It’s an approach that’s prompted feedback from sector professional bodies such as, ‘In terms of client service, the team consistently goes the extra mile’ and ‘The eCom team has supported us through all stages of the project lifecycle’.

A specialist chemical manufacturer has commented, ‘I’ve found the team at eCom very responsive and easy to work with’, while others have said, ‘eCom immediately understood the needs of our business and the team is a pleasure to work with’, and ‘The experience of working together was seamless due to good, frequent communication and scheduling’.