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eCom Demonstrates Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Through Ongoing Efforts

eCom, continues to make significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion within its workforce through its comprehensive Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) policy. Our steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace is exemplified through the dedicated efforts of the eCom 'People Group', a team spearheading the charge for change.  

Posted 8 September 2023

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A Collective Endeavour for Inclusivity

The implementation of eCom's ED&I policy is not a one-time initiative but an ongoing journey that demands unwavering dedication from all employees and stakeholders. The eCom 'People Group' stands as a testament to this collective endeavour, aiming to ensure that the needs of employees are met and that everyone feels supported and empowered. The group's mission is to champion a better employee experience, cultivating a work environment where diversity and inclusivity thrive.  

Holistic Communication Channels

eCom employs an array of communication channels to disseminate information about its ED&I policy and its significance. These channels include company-wide gatherings known as eCom Circles, informative emails, engaging newsletters, dedicated MSTeams channels, and more. These efforts are geared toward ensuring that every member of the organisation is well-informed about the policy's principles and implications.

Empowering Through Training and Education

Recognising the pivotal role of education in promoting diversity and inclusion, eCom provides comprehensive training to both employees and managers via the eCom Learning Hub powered by our own eNetEnterprise. Notably, recent training initiatives have equipped recruiting managers with the skills needed to be a 'RNIB Visibly Better' employee, a distinction that eCom has now achieved.

Strategic Focus Areas

Looking ahead, eCom is committed to enhancing its onboarding and mentoring programs, building on the foundation laid by the mentor and buddy initiative initiated in 2020. Our dedication to continuous improvement is underscored by a goal-oriented approach and consistent progress tracking.

People Group's Milestones

The eCom 'People Group' has achieved significant milestones in its pursuit of ED&I excellence. In 2022, an employee survey was conducted, unveiling core priorities that include transparency, learning and development, continuous improvement, culture and engagement, and recruitment processes. To address these priorities, the group has introduced various initiatives such as department-based circles, Teams channels, and engaging events like photography competitions and 'eCom heroes' recognition.

A Forward-Looking Approach

eCom's dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion extends beyond internal efforts. The company has been recognised with awards, including the prestigious RNIB award for being an accessible employer. Moreover, building on our 'Carer Positive' Employer recognition, eCom remains at the forefront of creating a supportive and nurturing work environment.

Learning from Beyond

The eCom 'People Group' is not content with internal progress alone. By investing in one of its members' studies with the CIPD, eCom is ensuring a connection with external organisations, conferences, and events centered around diversity and inclusion. This approach enables the company to gain insights from best practices and share its own experiences, further contributing to the broader discourse on ED&I.

With a clear dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, eCom continues to champion change through the collective efforts of the 'People Group'. Their strides, achievements, and ongoing initiatives position eCom as a leader in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within the corporate landscape.