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eCom Learning Solutions provides specialist eLearning materials for a worldwide audience

Emergency Response Driver Training (ERDT), which delivers regulated qualifications and accreditations to emergency services from across the UK and worldwide, is using eCom Learning Solutions’ expertise to provide eLearning materials, via the eNetLearn learning management system (LMS).

Posted 13 June 2022

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Among the early adopters of these specially developed, digitally delivered learning materials, as well as the accompanying eAssessment process, are 42 Major Foam Tender response drivers from the Newcastle Airport Fire Service (AFS).

ERDT’s Managing Director, Stephen Milton, said, “AFS, which is strongly committed to driver safety and education, has enrolled these drivers on ERDT’s Airport Fire Service emergency response driver training and assessment e-learning training package. According to AFS’s Fire Service Manager, Gary Wright, the ERDT eLearning training and assessment package provides an interactive, blended approach to driver training and competency maintenance.”

Emma Dickson, of eCom Learning Solutions, Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment specialist and the providers of the ERDT eLearning and eAssessment materials, together with the LMS platform being used to deliver them and monitor learners’ usage of them, commented, “We’re delighted to be supporting ERDT in making blended learning materials widely available to help build knowledge, skills and competence in this vitally important sector - giving learners the knowledge they need to make the most of their on-site practical training.”

Intended for those, from anywhere in the world, who are employed by police; fire & rescue services; airport fire services; ambulance services; the military, and even United Nations’ (UK) organisations, ERDT’s eLearning training materials provide a blended approach for emergency response and non-emergency driver and instructor education and training. They allow people to learn online and then practice on the road.

The learning materials are based on the Police System of Vehicle control (‘Roadcraft’); the UK National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Emergency Response Driving Framework; Section 19 of the UK Road Safety Act 2006; the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) CAP 699 Unit: AFF2, and national & international driver and instructor guidance and SOPs. At present, the programs available cover: Police, Fire and Ambulance Emergency Response Driving and Airport Fire Service Emergency Response Driving.