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Competency Saves Lives

The oil and gas industry knows how important it is to have a competent and effective workforce. Disasters such as the one on the Piper Alpha oil platform in 1988 are a stark reminder of this. The human, financial, and reputational cost of this disaster is of a scale previously unseen in the region’s exploration story.

Posted 7 July 2017

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Competency Matters

With 167 people killed in the explosion, nearly everyone across Aberdeenshire and from further afield was affected by the tragic events of 6th July 1988. Even within eCom, many of our employees knew people who were on-board. And it’s this mindset that motivates us to make digital technology that delivers reassurance, process, audit, analytics and alerts to improve competency performance and critical training needs.

Establishing Standards

The introduction of tools such as competency management frameworks, have helped establish clear definitions of the skills, performance, knowledge and understanding required across the industry, ensuring staff have the right skills to do their job. eCom works with organisations playing their part to ensure that well control personnel are now more competent than ever before - IWCF is testament to that.