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eCom and SAMH ‘Work out’ a Behaviour Change Solution for Training

As part of a project with The Scottish Association of Mental Health (SAMH), eCom has developed training using a blended learning policy to help leisure staff and volunteers support those experiencing mental health challenges. Following a near £1M investment from the Scottish Government, people with mental health problems are being encouraged to become more physically active.

Posted 27 February 2017

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Supporting those experiencing mental health challenges

Active Living Becomes Achievable is a new Project by the Scottish Association of Mental Health(SAMH) to encourage those with mental health problems to become more physically active since this has been shown to have long-term physical and mental health benefits.

To ensure the success of the project Mental Health Awareness training has been developed specifically for physical activity staff and volunteers to enable them to provide appropriate support to those experiencing mental health challenges.

SAMH's ALBA project helps people start and continue to be active

In addition, the ALBA project recognizes that many of us find it difficult to engage in physical activity and this is often hindered by our thoughts and feelings. This is especially difficult for those with mental health problems and eLearning has been developed for physical activity staff and volunteers to support more people to start and continue to be active. The Supporting Behaviour Change training has been developed with Edinburgh Napier University and is provided through a blended learning policy of online learning as well as face-to-face sessions.

eCom develops mental health eLearning and behaviour change training

SAMH commissioned eCom to develop the mental health eLearning component of the ALBA project with training modules that not only address the immediate need of introducing leisure staff and volunteers to mental health awareness and CBA, but also allow maximum benefit from subsequent face-to-face workshop and ongoing support as well as shared learning through social media.

Amanda McKay, ALBA Project Co-ordinator at SAMH, said, "There is a proven link between being regularly active and good mental health. This project greatly increases the likelihood that those who embark on a physical activity programme will continue to make physical activity a part of their normal routine. We are delighted to partner with eCom to provide our Mental Health Awareness for Physical Activity Staff and Volunteers and Supporting Behaviour Change eLearning modules and are pleased to benefit from their many years of experience in creating training materials for third sector organisations."

Wendy Edie, Managing Director of eCom, said, "It is a privilege to be selected by SAMH as their eLearning training partner and to have the opportunity to make a contribution to the long-term success of a scheme that ensures good mental health for so many people. At eCom, we are strong advocates of the blended learning approach and we look forward to working with SAMH on future projects."

The online learning materials are available 24/7 to fitness professionals and volunteers to access via a customized learning management system also developed by eCom.Access the online learning resources today!

The rollout of the mental health eLearning training materials is expected in March 2017 and SAMH are keen to work with Leisure Trusts across Scotland to raise awareness of mental health. For more information about the ALBA project contact Amanda Mckay.