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Generating Growth with New Technology in Learning

eCom Scotland are enabling forward-thinking employers to create skills systems that prepare and reskill their people for the world of work of 2030. A recent report, Scotland’s Skills 2030, estimates that nearly half of all Scottish jobs will be automised in the next 13 years and calls for urgent reform to reskill the existing workforce.

Posted 5 May 2017

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Reskilling existing workforce

The study highlights a ‘progression gap’ in the workplace, with less investment in training low-skilled workers, and poorer progression from low-skilled work in Scotland, compared with the rest of the UK.

Russell Gunson, director of IPPR Scotland, said “Scotland’s system has a clear gap in that we don’t have enough provision for people who have already started their careers, and employers are not investing to fill this gap”.

Innovative Learning Solutions

eCom are working with organisations across many sectors who have already identified this gap, including recent projects with RNIBScottish Waterways TrustIWCFWilliam Grant & Sons. The common thread across all sectors is the power that digital-enabled information has to educate and upskill people already in their careers, whilst helping organisations to achieve productivity gains and growth.

Significant Growth

The smart education and learning market is estimated to grow from USD 193.24 Billion in 2016 to USD 586.04 Billion by 2021, a compound growth rate of 24.84%. eCom are investing in their workforce and skills base to meet the demand for digital learning and ensure they are at the forefront of this amazing growth.

eCom has been supported by Scottish Enterprise to create specialised new jobs using a Regional Selective Assistance Grant (RSA) which has realised the completion of 20 new software engineering related jobs, doubling the specialised workforce to 40.