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Unlock the Power of Mobile Today and Have the Workforce of the Future

eCom has been quietly leading the industry in mobile learning, competency, assessment and performance support over the last fifteen years. We have run 100’s of C-Suite round table events on upskilling to digital, won awards for innovation, and partnered numerous industry events.

Our 100+ clients have all benefited from partnering with us to deliver the right solution, at the right time, to the right people. We have an amazing platform which was one of the first to provide both online and off-line mobile sync, giving the best of both worlds.

Posted 11 November 2020

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A mobile-first approach

We have a mobile-first learning approach which is fantastic at putting the right content in the right person’s hands at the right time.  And that’s not all. Everything can also run on a desktop and tablet.  Our approach is anywhere, on all devices, at anytime.

eNetEnterprise – A Next-Generation Platform

Let us introduce eNetEnterprise® - A Next-Generation Platform - to your employees or learners.

Many organisations are looking at their paper processes or their tired old systems, considering the changes that are underway in the learning technology space today and it all seems confusing. While the pandemic has brought many challenges to the business landscape, technology can help industries to stop and rethink the way they do things.

This is where we come in.

We do all the sorting for you, we help you think through the options by finding out the best way to reach your users, identifying what they need to know and how to fill any gaps as well as looking at how this all fits with your workflow and culture.   We help you devise a communications strategy to inform your audience and get them engaged with the process to meet your objectives.

eNetEnterprise® adds true business value to your organisation, reduces administration, and enables you to report on data in real-time. Our platform comprises an intuitive, mobile-friendly app, which draws on our experience of building great apps for some of the world’s biggest brands and government agencies. An easy-to-use content management system enables you to self-manage your questions, statements, courses, and more.

Why Clients Choose eCom

  • Have your own brand displayed on the learner’s mobile, keeping your culture upfront.
  • Our systems can all be white-labelled, so users get an experience that matches your company’s look and feel.
  • Built to Open standards so supports content from all major content providers and authoring tools, PLUS add in our authoring tools to give you fully-integrated capabilities including VR within eNetEnterprise®
  • Enterprise-level reporting, not just the usual basic standard reports, we let you pull from the data and create your own, allowing you to discover relevant training and performance insights to provide learning performance support.
  • We provide the power of xAPI to give you great business intelligence. We have a built-in repository to store your data.

Adaptive Learning/Recommendation

You can set up as many learning paths as you need to help your learners see what they need next to succeed. And to make it really easy to use, there's built-in AI for search, suggestions and recommendations.