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What's in a Name?

Our products are used every day, although you may be wondering why you have not heard about eCom’s eNet Product Suite before. This is a great question and the answer is simple.

Posted 17 April 2018

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Creating affinity

When we want to find some information on the internet, the expression that most people use is to ‘Google it’. When we want to clean a carpet, we tend to say ‘hoover’ rather than vacuum. Terms like these help create greater affinity with the products we use every day to help achieve our aims.

Our clients who use eNet Suite to support their learning tend not to refer to it by this name. We’re delighted about this, as when our clients feel such an affinity with their solution that they want to give it their own name, we know we have created something very special.

Adapting to your needs

Like a chameleon, which changes colour to suit the environment, the eNet Suite is tailored to match your organisation’s personality.

Doing so means the platform becomes an extension of your Organisations own brand and feedback we have received indicates your people will feel more comfortable adopting new skills in a familiar environment. 

At eCom, we play our part by reflecting back your positive culture utilising the latest learning technologies.

eNet Suite has helped over a million people in organisations throughout 190 countries to achieve exactly that.

How eCom Helps

Our eNet Suite is comprised of:

  • eNetLearn; a cloud-based learning platform that enables you to deliver, track, report and evaluate your online learning from a single dashboard
  • eNetAssess; an assessment system for creating and managing bespoke tests in a secure environment.
  • eNetEnterprise; a virtual learning environment providing content delivery, resource tracking, competency management, job families, training attainment, evidence portfolio, online assessment.
  • eNetAuthor; a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool, helping your eLearning team move effortlessly from storyboard to authoring, reviewing and tracking.