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eNetLearn is now even more versatile

Take a look at the latest exciting enhancements to the Forms and Quizzes function in eNetLearn, as well as improved accessibility.

With the use of easily customisable forms provided by our LMS, you can efficiently collect user information, comments, and feedback from your courses. Because of their flexibility, administrators can easily customise our forms to meet the demands of their business. Furthermore, real-time tracking of user feedback and engagement patterns is possible with our LMS's robust analytics tools, which will assist you in making well-informed decisions to improve your programmes and courses.

Integrating Forms into eNetLearn

Easy Data Collection: By using integrated forms, our LMS makes it easier to collect data from users. The process is easy whether it comes to handling complaints, gathering opinions, obtaining user details, or asking for course feedback.

Customised Forms: Our forms are completely customisable because we understand that every business has different demands. Administrators are able to create custom fields, use conditional logic, include particular documentation, and distribute forms among several reviewers. With our intuitive form builder, you have total control over creating exactly customised forms.

Real-time Analytics: With the help of our LMS's potent analytics capabilities, data is transformed into meaningful insights. Administrators get real-time access to user feedback tracking, engagement monitoring, and trend identification. With the help of these tools, administrators can improve programmes and courses by making data-driven, well-informed decisions.

Integrated Quizzes in eNetLearn

Easy Quiz Design: Administrators may create quizzes more quickly and cheaply by using our LMS-integrated quiz builder, which eliminates the need for other tools.

User-Friendly Features: Our quiz builder is accessible to users of all skill levels and makes quiz creation and management simple with built-in question banks, randomization, and automatic grading.

Better Learning Experience: Integrated quizzes are in line with the goals of the course, providing students with instant feedback and a smooth integration with the content to encourage engagement and deeper understanding.